((Since the last time I’ve said this I gained quite a bunch of new followers, so for all of you out there who followed me:

I follow back all canon character League RP blogs.
Unless you have autoplay running. I dislike it too much, sorry.

If you are an OC I don’t follow back unless we interact with each other.

If you post too much ooc stuff, as in spam my desk with it, I unfollow.

Simple reasons: I don’t want a mess on my dashboard. I prefer a good overview. So I keep the blogs I follow around 200. Please understand. Thanks.))


Anonymous asked:

I personally hate your writing.


((Oh, oh, oh! That’s the douche language. Wait, I’ve seen it so many times now, I am sure I can translate. Let me try…

"I personally" = "I, who has no balls, am trying to bring up something personal, but it doesn’t work because I don’t even show who I am so nobody will care at all.

"Hate" = a known particle that’s in most sentences, used to avoid long explanations of the person being jealous for obvious reasons - it’s a little like sarcasm, as it is so obvious, means this particle depends on the reader being aware of the joke behind it.

"Your writing" = Is simply what it is. Your writing.

So if we take the short translation of it we have…

"I am unimportant, weak and jealous of your writing."




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((I am so sorry… I am honestly shocked right now. I really am. If there is anything I can do to… well, distract you or cheer you up or just anything… to make you feel at least a little better, let me know.

And to anyone out there: Please… Please, before decide to end everything, ask for help. We are all willed to help. You can always poke me, if you need me. Just don’t… don’t make a step of no return. I am begging you..

Taric-mun was a part of this community. And I’ll go light up a candle for them right now.
Rest in peace, my dear.))

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