Small mun update


I went through a lot of stress last weekend thanks to my room mates at home who really try to break me. But I am not gonna let that happen and friends are there for me whenever I need someone.

In May I will probably move and then it’ll all become better. So much better. These days I am doing lots of sports and art, I do activities with great people here and are having talks with my doctors. This hospital life isn’t even too bad!

I even have my computer here now. But the internet I am using is the one from my cell phone so it’s extremely slow. Pages takes minutes to load. Means I am still on a hiatus more or less. If you all want to do me a favor while I am fixing my life and health you just gotta keep lil Fate-mun aka stackingthedeck busy and happy.

I just finished a stupid doodle I started with before I went to hospital. And I am gonna upload it now. Might take a few minutes. xD Be patient pls!

More updates coming in a few days. Promise!

GenGen out!))

((small ooc update. I am drawing a lot to be able to deal with all the stress i have. I am fighting. And the hospital in alright. We have a huge park and a forest and since the weather is just awesome we are sunbathing every day. Will get brown for the first time of my life. XD
I skype with Fate-mun in the late evening for a lil. I have to be in the cold every time i do that though, because inside i don’t receive shit with my cell phone.

Today i made this ear ring. Not a lot of work but i like it though. X3

Love you all, tumblr peeps.

GenGen out.))

chrono-mage asked:

//I can't remember if I have started an RP with you or not but if not I want to...

(( we had one small rp going while ago. But right mew i am in the hospital and i will be here for weeks/months, so… All i have here is my cell phone and i can only do short things. If you want a chat between our characters… That’s what i could offer. ._.))

alcyonsa asked:

Get better soon ! If you need someone to talk to or just want to rant im always there for you , dont forget about that please! ANd stay strong dear~

((Hi, there, hun. I’m fine here so far, have a few outside the hospital i can talk to and few new cool friends right here. It’s amazing how many great people one can find sometimes. O.o so i am good and right now i am sunbathing in the park. Again. I do that every day. Its awesome. Nothing to do. No stress. Just the sun, the smell of grass and birds.
You shall not be worried for you have to be jealous instead. Muhaha!!!
But… I do miss everyone. v.v))

theshieldsummoner asked:

((I feel kinda silly for sending you this because I mean we never talk or anything but you frequent my dash a lot and I just hope you are okay and you have my love and support. <3))

((same, kinda. I see you around a lot and you seem to be a very nice person. I’d follow you know at least, but tumblr app doesn’t let me. It glitches and i hate it. X.x as for the rest: no worries. From here it can only get better. I have a lot of help here.
Thank u a lot for your message.

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