((Wow. now… what… ;_; More donations. I am less nervous now. Like really. I mean, yes, things will still be hard, but knowing that I have at least a lil more money now calms me a lot. I’ll use it as well as even possible.

*bows deep* Thank you for helping me. You didn’t only give me donations, what you’re really giving me with those is hope.))


Anonymous asked:

Tweet. Tweet tweet tweet tweet! A little bat flew right through an open window. Once it saw a human on the ground, hair tied back, paint all over his clothes and in his hair and on his face, and a sand colored little fox right by his side, the bat dropped a little crab onto the ground. It was a 'I am back' present for the bat's furry fellow. Shade did a circle and landed on the window bench, looking out, tweeting again, then looking over to Fate, who was asleep, and Hope, waiting for an reaction





The fox rolled in her sleep, little pink tongue peeking out as large black eyes opened to see the bat..Oh..oh! She rolled to her feet and stretched, her little hairs on her back going on end. Long ears flopped as she trotted over and licked at the gift, biting it in half with ease..

She chattered as she ate, sniffing the air before darting for the door and nosing it open. She opened it to the light of the world..letting it in as she darted down the steps and into the sand. This bat meant someone else was around.

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((A Cutsie donated a lil to my paypal. First donation. Wheeeeeeee! I dunno if I can get furniture for 5 bucks, but I know a place where I could get TWO T-SHIRTS for that. x3 Even in winter I always wear a t-shirt underneath. And I’ve seen a pair of trousers for 5 € in one shop. Rare. But it’s possible.

Shopping for little money is not an issue - it is an adventure. :D))

For my rather new followers…


((… or those who didn’t know yet:

I went through a lot of trouble in my old place. Almost all of my stuff is destroyed, I have no furniture anymore, barely any clothes - all I got is my computer, printer, camera, most important paperwork and a box full of little things. Yes, I will press charges and things will go to court, but it could take a year till anything is done. Till then I’d welcome donations via the paypal button on my blog or people willed to send me things any human being could use.
At the moment I am at my Mom’s place, many hours by driving away from the hell I’ve been living at. She’s very sweet, but she doesn’t have much to give me either. I am using the little money I have left to buy us food.

On the good hand I’ve done a lot of things already, in a day or two I will be signing the papers for a new flat I’ll more into in around two weeks. Then I can check for new internet. The one at my Mom’s place is really, really bad.

Because of that and because I am really busy I am not all that active here. I am doodling things with pencil and paper in the evenings, I am answering asks on a daily basis, but I cannot check on everything.

Once the most important things in my life are fixed and I have decent internet in an own flat again I’ll catch up to everything and will do aaaaaaaaall the follow backs! So don’t be upset if I haven’t posted your art asks yet or if I am not following you back yet. Hang in there, I’ll be fully back soon.

LoveZ for all of you!


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